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i am nikia's brain. the objects you see here may be real or imaginary. enjoy the trip.



Nikia of Model Liberation is a force to be reckoned with. She embodies femininity and balance, and her love for people and heart for those around her is so lovely to experience. A few months ago we met before sunrise with my sweet hair + make-up friend Amy Clarke + we brought in the day…

The re-birth. This little baby’s getting love again. Photos by Taryn Carter for my blog Model Liberation.

(Source: prettyblackpastel)

There’s been a lot of talk lately about self acceptance and natural hair. Trust me, I get it. My hair type isn’t exactly what most women covet. Despite what others may say, I love it just the way it is… Short and kinky! Do you love yours? Join the discussion on ze blog. #naturalhair #shorthair #kinkygirlsdoitbetter #nikiaphoenix #curlygirl (at www.
Me by Jireh. 
Finding peace in the water. Mini birthday ‘Escape from LA’ holiday wearing @lspaceswim. More pics from Vacation Blue on ze blog. #modellife #visitca #vacay #nikiaphoenix #lspace  (at www.
Bridal season is in full bloom. Fresh flowers top off this gorgeous look by @elizabethmessina in the new issue of @munaluchibride. #naturalhair #munaluchi #wedding #bridal #nikiaphoenix (at www.
What’s your flavor? @jessicamcook @jamievandyke and freckle face shot by @xxfidelxx for @fantastics. Summer beauty, baby! #fantasticsmagazine #beauty #makeupforever #naturalbeauty #modellife (at www.
Like ice cream

Marina Nery by Richard Burbridge for W Magazine
You know how I feel about Qtip