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i am nikia's brain. the objects you see here may be real or imaginary. enjoy the trip.
Get me to Friday, already! Geez!
Um….heck yeah!
Silly smiles from me and stuffshelikes at fashionforbreakfastla
Don’t you just love Sundays. So peaceful. #sunflowers #relax #nofilter #nomakeup #freckles #nikiaphoenix #homesweethome
Letting the cat out of the bag. The new @melodyehsani @reebokclassics coming out in September. I tried them on a couple weeks ago and WHOA! #mexreebok #melodyehsani #reebokclassics #sneakergame #style
"And the Beautiful Bride Wore Her Hair Natural". Debunking the myth that our hair with its kinks and tight coils isn’t elegant enough for our wedding day. Read more. (at
What do we tell our kids? This is Pam with her granddaughter Lani flanked by officers as they leave a McDonald’s in Ferguson. This image gets under my skin. Sound off: How do you explain the current state of injustice and race relations to your children, your little brothers and sisters, and to any young person you know and love? #realtalk #ferguson #justice

And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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I need to be doing this right now.
Who’s says Beyonce isn’t a fashion icon?