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i am nikia's brain. the objects you see here may be real or imaginary. enjoy the trip.
I like accessories with color. 
My Style: Around the World
rebellious-thinking said: Hi Nikia, I just wanted to say how BEAUTIFUL you are. I saw a picture of you and decided to look you up because my name is also Nikiya but spelt different lol, but this is just to say how amazing i think you are.

Right back atcha! Thanks for the love, mama. 

Queen Pat!

Antonio Lopez - Blue Water Series: Pat Cleveland, Paris, 1975
All in yo’ mouth!
Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus for Stella McCartney “Stella” Fragrance
I can’t run my fingers through my hair, but I don’t care.
I can’t! Aaahahaha!
Pink hair, baby!
DJ/ Model Eve Speciall
It’s not Goldfinger. It’s Goldneck.


Wang Xiao by Michael Baumgarten for Vogue China February 2014
For what I have and what I don’t. For the things that I’ve lost and the blessings I will gain. Life is too precious to take it for granted.  Eternally grateful. #thankful #praise #inspiration



Nikia of Model Liberation is a force to be reckoned with. She embodies femininity and balance, and her love for people and heart for those around her is so lovely to experience. A few months ago we met before sunrise with my sweet hair + make-up friend Amy Clarke + we brought in the day…